Avalonne Q & A

If your life is not going perfectly — if you are looking to upgrade yourself or your circumstances in any way — I can help.

I’ve spent over 40 years researching everything from spirituality and metaphysics to health, nutrition, fitness, relationship dynamics and financial wellness. I’ve also spent over 30 years providing empathic counseling and life coaching to people from all over the world.

Whether you are looking to create a fulfilling relationship, improve your health, jump-start your career or improve your finances, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, such large claims do require one caveat: I can and do help those who are sufficiently motivated, open-minded and ready to take some steps to do their part in making the desired changes.

No one can change you or your life against your will. You may not know it yet, but YOU have all the power you need to create the life you want. My role is to guide you in finding that power, and to assist you in learning how to use it.

Q: Are you psychic?

A: Sure. We all are. Additionally, I have worked and studied in order to develop and understand these abilities for over four decades, so I’m often quite adept at tuning in to the heart of the situation.

Q: Why should I call you instead of another psychic or counselor?

A: Three important words: insight, intelligence and integrity. Please read here for more details about me and how I work.

Q: Do you do predictions?

A: Yes, if you mean reading the trends and helping you steer your course to get a better outcome. No, if you mean treating you as a passive victim and telling you how your life is “going to turn out.” I’d much rather help you get where you want to go (by making conscious choices) than tell you where you will end up if you stay on auto-pilot.

Q: Can you help me make miracles in my life?

A: Yes, I can — to the degree that you are open and receptive to transforming your situation. I’ll help you discover how to redirect your attention, energies and efforts in ways that cause you to start manifesting the conditions you prefer in your mind, body, relationships and circumstances. It’s surprisingly easy — and lots of fun — once you get into the spirit of it.

Q: Do you do spells, hexes, candles or similar “make things happen” type stuff?

A: Certainly not.

Q: Why not?

A: There are many good reasons (some articles are in the works), but here’s the short answer: Because that whole scenario is based on an assumption that someone else has more power to affect your life than YOU do. Anyone who makes that claim is either badly misguided or just plain lying. Run far, far away from anyone who says they can “make things happen” for you.

Instead of trying to dazzle you with my power, I’ll introduce you to yours. The truth is, you’ve already been exercising your power — just not very consciously, and often in ways that do not serve you. If you’re open minded and willing to work on yourself, you’ll soon find that your own “magic” is more than enough to reshape your life.

Q: Can you make him/her come back/ love me/ stop drinking/ cheating/ being abusive?

A: No one can “make” anyone else do anything, and anyone who says differently is out to fleece you. But I might be able to help you turn things around if you’re willing to listen and do the work.

What you really want, and what I really want for you, is your happiness, well-being and fulfillment. If you get stuck on the idea that it has to come from a certain person, or in a certain way, you’re probably blocking that fulfillment. No matter how much you like or love a particular person, you need to be willing to allow for the highest possible good for all concerned. If that person does happen to be the right one for you, it will work out much better with an attitude of allowing than with any attempt to push.

Q: So how do I talk to you?

A: You can call me on Keen. Keen is free to join. And because I want to be available to the folks who need me most, my rates are quite low compared to those of other Keen advisors.

Some advantages of Keen are that your name, telephone number and other personal data will be known only to Keen, not to me. Keen collects the funds and connects the calls anonymously. Also, Keen Mail (the internal mailing system) allows you to exchange messages with your advisor without revealing your personal email address.

If you are ready to take yourself and your life off auto-pilot and start steering toward the fulfillment you’ve been seeking, I can help you. Just click on this button, and we can get started:

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