About This Site

This is a new incarnation of a help site that I built, maintained and improved over a period of several years. The former site featured a number of “extras” such as a suggestion box, phases of the moon, etc. Having learned more about the preferences of web users, I decided to simplify a bit and start fresh.

So here is a new help site which contains most of the content and functionality of the old, in a cleaner, simpler, easier-to-navigate interface. And now, as an introduction for new visitors (and to welcome returning visitors) here is my original article introducing the help site titled For Your Benefit.

The vision behind this site

When I am speaking to a caller, my focus is on helping them to the greatest extent possible. To that end I pour into the call all the insight, help and constructive advice that the time will allow. Often, I wish I could do much more…

The fact is that most of us need more than live advice to solve our problems. We need resources that we can use as we go about our daily activities. We need tools and techniques that we can apply to our situations. We need ongoing inspiration, help and hope.

My vision for this site is: this is a place where I can offer FREE additional help and insight (through informative articles) and also links to resources which you, my visitors, can use to help yourselves. In general, I want to feature anything which can truly help you. So I will be looking for your suggestions and feedback to help determine which content is added first.

Warmest good wishes to all of you!