About Avalonne

I first discovered my psychic gifts at a very early age. In honoring both my scientific mindset and my spiritual ideals, I set to work learning how to understand and develop these talents. This led to many years of diverse studies in psychology and philosophy (I earned college degrees in both fields) as well as more esoteric disciplines including meditation, metaphysics and numerous branches of spirituality.

I have now been offering intuitive counseling for over 30 years. To this day I continue expanding my abilities and understanding, always with the aim of helping to improve the quality of life for my clients and loved ones through the ethical use of my specialized knowledge and talents.

Intuition, intelligence, integrity and insight are the cornerstones of my work. Mere psychic “information” is of little use by itself. Most people are intuitive to some degree, but being able to focus and use this intuition reliably requires much more than inborn talent.

That is where intelligence and insight play such key roles. My decades of study, life experience and counseling experience give far more substance to my readings than a younger or less-informed psychic could possibly offer. Through the years I have acquired considerable expertise in areas ranging from health and nutrition to relationships and prosperity.

If you want the whole package — a level of counseling that helps you get where you want to go instead of just telling you where you are headed — you need a very intelligent and knowledgeable guide.

The most important element, in my opinion, is integrity. The psychic field is wide open to fakes and scam artists. Sadly, most callers are ignorant of the psychic realm and equally ignorant of the ploys used by many who advertise themselves as psychic counselors. Desperate for help and for hope, some people will embrace anything a supposed “psychic” may tell them.

Even though many are making a huge income by using dishonest tactics, I have always chosen the stricter (and less lucrative) path of giving honest and affordable advice. Most of my clients can tell the difference, and they appreciate it. At the very least, I know in my heart that I am treating people ethically.

From time to time I publish informational articles, with the intention of helping my readers to be less vulnerable to various kinds of scams. One section of this help site is titled “Scam Warnings” and has been created for the purpose of educating people on the traps and pitfalls of the “psychic” (and internet) scene.

People who are looking for “fortune teller” style readings should look elsewhere. I’m not going to pretend that people are helpless pawns of fate, when I can see clearly how much power they have to shape their circumstances.

It’s useless to just look for predictions. If your life isn’t going well now and you keep using the same approach that got you where you are, an honest prediction will very likely show more of the same kinds of problems in your future. The truth is, your future changes every time you make a conscious choice.

When speaking with clients I usually have insights into the hidden factors that are creating their problems, and can recommend some definite steps to greatly improve their situations. People who are willing to play an active role in shaping their futures are ready to benefit from my style of counseling.

I am primarily a life coach. My emphasis is on helping people to create fulfillment in their lives. Most people have little understanding of their own power to shape their personal reality. Rather than trying to impress you with my power, I focus my abilities on helping you to discover and use your power to create the life you want.

If you are ready to take yourself and your life off auto-pilot and start steering toward the fulfillment you’ve been seeking, I can help you. Just click on this button, and we can get started:

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